Tiny Town Vaughan is a first-of-its-kind, tiny enough to inspire big imagination, but fitting in size for adults. Immerse yourself in creative play with your children fostering their learning and nurturing connections. And it’s just fun – for the whole family.


Tiny Town Vaughan is an indoor facility dedicated to educational play for children (from newborn all the way to age 10) – through make-believe. Our environment caters to parents and caregivers to get involved with their children!

Your child can be a pilot for a day at the “Around the Town Airline”, a veterinarian at “No Ruff Times” animal hospital, an entrepreneur at “Cherry On Top” Ice Cream Shop, a beautician at “No More Tangles” Beauty Salon, a stage actor/ actress at the “Enchanted Town theatre”, a pizza maker at “Nonna’s” Pizzeria, … 9+ playrooms.

We can’t wait to see your imagination go wild in all our different playrooms. Join us by Drop-in N’ Play!


Drop-in N' Play today!

Designed as a “town”, a community with different stores and services where children can role play, explore, imagine, learn life skills and think creatively.

Children can express themselves both verbally and non-verbally through the imaginative play centres.

Tiny Town Vaughan is perfect for kids who love to explore, play, use their imagination, pretend to be someone else, act like a grown-up, or try out different skills!

What you need before joining ...

Suggested Age

Age 0 to 10
Although the Town is mostly designed for infants and children up to ten years old, because of the different themes our rooms have, sometimes even older children seem to enjoy playing here. There is no age limit. Each of the buildings in the Town is full height so even adults can go in to play and enjoy!


Signed Waiver & Socks are a must before entering the town!

Food & Drinks

No outside food or drinks are permitted into Tiny Town Vaughan. With the exception of water bottles. Our cafe has snacks and beverage options for you and your children to enjoy!

We Got You Parents!

While your child is enjoying playing with friends, our Café has snacks, light lunches and healthy food and beverage options for you and your children to enjoy.

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