A Day in Tiny Town

A Day in Tiny Town Vaughan


There is so much to do in our Town. Whether children are pretending to be a grocery clerk, a hair-stylist, pilot, vet, pizza maker or teacher they are playing with a purpose. To most it looks like they are just using their imaginations and having fun but in reality, children ‘playing’ have purpose! Purposeful Play can be guided by parents & educators during Free-play in the Town or during a school field trip or it can simply be children playing by themselves or with others throughout Tiny Town Vaughan.

Each of our life-like, full size buildings has interactive toys, costumes, games and engaging activities that encourage learning through play.

Tiny Town Vaughan Options


Drop In N' Play

For a flat fee you can bring in your kiddies and have them blow off some steam while you have full access to the centrally located Tiny Town Vaughan café, or in the town itself.


School Trips

School trips are always a great way to get out of the classroom for some hands-on learning. Our facility can accommodate groups as large as a full primary school class, or as small as a home daycare outing.


Parent N’ Tots Programs

Our Parent & Tot days are a great way to get out and try something new, while socializing with other parents. Keep following us, as our programs keeps updating




Children with Anxiety and Play

Sometimes children are anxious or exhibit anti-social behaviour in daycare/school. It might hamper their academic development and they might be disruptive in class. Some schools may even suggest seeing a psychologist as they believe the child could be...

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